Ruth to vidí jinak

Ruth to vidí jinak 2005

Ruth and Magda have been inseparable friends since childhood. They both went to college and both fell in love with the same guy. Ruth has won the fight for love, and has put Magda before the tough decision: to give up Adam and maintain friendship with Ruth, or give preference to his heart? When Adam gets a dream internship abroad and leaves for Austria, Ruth takes his fresh pregnancies and refuses to go with him. But in time, Ruth convinces Magda to start behind Adam and try to get him back. However, Magda exploits the situation, acquires Adam for herself and marries him abroad. After years, Magda returns home and the old injustices come to life.

The Righteous Babes

The Righteous Babes 1998

The Righteous Babes shows how the self-affirmative music of young women is renewing the 90's feminism. In the film, audience can experience feminism not in the library but in the rock concert hall. The film shows interviews and performances. In addition, controversial feminists along with American and British women journalists share their views on pop culture.

Matt Helm

Matt Helm 1975

A former secret agent, now a private investigator, is hired to protect a beautiful film star and gets involved with black marketeers and gun runners.

Rainy Day Women

Rainy Day Women 1984

In 1940, during World War II, an officer is sent to investigate rumours of German spies in a sleepy village where various people are the victims of war hysteria.

Jesus lever

Jesus lever 2000

In an idyllic small town unpleasant things happen. A pastor gets upset by the wife walking on hot coals, his former wife's grave is desecrated and his son's girlfriend suddenly disappears. What is happening?

En kväll på krogen

En kväll på krogen 2011

A story about an evening in a restaurant. Six tables, seven stories, a tragicomedy about the fantasies and realities of love.