Two Years

Two Years 2010

Two brothers, one of whom suffers from a traumatic brain injury, struggle to survive on their own.

A War Story

A War Story 1981

A Canadian doctor interned at a Japanese POW Camp during WWII must tend to his fellow British prisoners who are being worked to death in a mine.

Wasp Wings

Wasp Wings 1945

This documentary is a record of the role played by Spitfires in defeating the Axis during World War II. The film, which shows these planes in action during the Battle of Britain, in Italy, and on D-Day, also depicts the work of aeronautical engineers and ground crews who kept the Spitfires in the air.

Corvette Port Arthur

Corvette Port Arthur 1943

This short documentary examines the role of convoy ships during World War II, focusing on the Corvette Port Arthur. The corvette, a highly mobile weapon of destruction, is used to combat German U-boats and escort convoys through the Atlantic Ocean. Following the corvette through an encounter with an enemy submarine, the film offers a glimpse into a day in the life of the Royal Canadian Navy.

Action Stations

Action Stations 1943

This World War II film highlights the role of Canadian corvettes on convoy duty in the North Atlantic. Battle scenes show a crew sighting a German submarine and sinking it. Other scenes show training on the high seas.

The New Lot

The New Lot 1943

A new batch of Army recruits, from diverse backgrounds and with varying degrees of commitment, is shaped into an efficient fighting unit.

Hungarian Eagles

Hungarian Eagles 1943

This is a propaganda film about the Hungarian Air Force. The story begins with the love stories of three young amateur pilots, captain Torday, Bandi and Pista.

The Story of the Green Line

The Story of the Green Line 2017

A story set in the Green Line in Nicosia, Cyprus, where a wall divides a country. Two soldiers, a Greek Cypriot and a Turkish Cypriot, decide to embark on a secret journey that is dangerous no matter which side you are at.

Алый парус Парижа

Алый парус Парижа 1971

Virtually unseen since its Soviet television broadcast in 1971, the film, Peter Rollberg writes, is “devoted to the anniversary of the Paris commune, mixing historical footage with images of present-day Paris.”

The Enclave

The Enclave 2013

Commissioned for the Irish representation at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013, The Enclave is an immersive, six-screen video art installation by Irish contemporary artist Richard Mosse. Partly inspired by Joseph Conrad’s modernist literary masterpiece Heart of Darkness, the visceral and moving work was filmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo using 16mm colour infra-red film, which captures otherwise invisible parts of the spectrum. The resulting imagery in Mosse’s work is hallucinatory and dream-like with the usual greens of jungle and forest replaced by shimmering violet. The Enclave depicts a complicated, strife-ridden place in a way that reflects its complexity, using a strategy of beauty and transfixion to combat the wider invisibility of a conflict that has claimed so many.

An Alien Enemy

An Alien Enemy 1918

Neysa von Igel, who is living with her supposed grandfather, Adolph Schmidt, loves America, although she believes herself to be German-born. Unknown to Neysa, when she was three years old, her father and mother, both American-born, were killed in Germany by Emil Koenig, who, in punishment, was sent to the United States to work in the interest of the government of the Fatherland, and who is now associated with Schmidt in his manufacturing enterprise. Koenig demands that Neysa work in behalf of Germany. She revolts and escapes to the home of David Hale, who had been her grandfather's attorney, but who is now in the service of the United States Government. Hale and Neysa are married and depart for France, where the girl again encounters Koenig, and, after many thrilling adventures, she kills him in self-defense. - Written by Moving Picture World synopsis, from

Afgan: The Soviet Experience

Afgan: The Soviet Experience 1989

During the 1980s Russia fought a disastrous war in Afghanistan. Here we offer the definitive documentary on the war, and ask if there are any lessons to be learnt from the Soviet experience. The 40 minute film includes combat missions with the Spetsnaz elite units, never before filmed by a Western crew. It also shows helicopter gunship pilots from a Kabul-based Air Assault Unit flying missions, the patrolling of the Salang mountain pass and the military hospital in Kabul. Soviet General Lev Serebrov referred to the making of the film as "An experiment in glasnost".