Movie Sound Effects: How Do They Do That?

Movie Sound Effects: How Do They Do That? 2017

An audition for the sound effects of a laser gun for the Lego Batman Movie. Will Bane, Poison Ivy, The Riddler or Catwoman be good enough? An animated short on the home entertainment release of The Lego Batman Movie

The Fatal Comma

The Fatal Comma 1979

Silviya is an excellent student, favorite of the teachers, but she does not do well in math. Silviya puts a comma in the school journal between the number 1 and 9 in the absences column in order to hide her absence from math class. The school regulation is set; three absences mean an administrative punishment. Two of her innocent classmates are punished, numbers 1 and 9, not number 19, which is Silviya. The teachers trust the "good girl". Silviya feels guilty.She is struggling between right and wrong. She must find the right answer for herself.

Go'natt Herr Luffare

Go'natt Herr Luffare 1988

The children are left alone at home with the explicit instruction not to let anyone enter. But the door is left unlocked, and a homeless hobo enters...

Texas Rein

Texas Rein 2016

An all-American story that explores the family dynamic when a prodigal daughter returns home.

Chibi Maruko-chan

Chibi Maruko-chan 1990

Chibi Maruko chan is the nickname of a sweetly obnoxious 9-year-old girl. She tricks her grandfather, ponders for hours over how to spend her allowance, and hates sitting next to ugly boys. She talks, feels and lives just as real kids do. As the second term commences, Maruko and her classmates return to their small groups. Maruko’s group includes two naughty boys and Maruko is forced to be one of their subordinates. She seems to face a lot of pressure at school.

The Light of Autumn

The Light of Autumn 1973

Vakhtang is talented artist but family liabilities don't allow him to work seriously. His wife Eka takes advantage of husband's trip out of town and exchanges her flat for a house in a colorful old city and sets up the artist's studio.

I Think My Babysitter's an Alien

I Think My Babysitter's an Alien 2015

A world-famous astronaut returns home from his latest mission, bringing home a small asteroid that hit his space station. When strange things start to happen, his nine-year-old daughter is convinced that aliens have moved in next door and em- barks on a mission to save the world from an inter-galactic invasion!


Spacebound 2012

When Death's door is only a few breaths away, how would you choose to spend your last moments? A stranded astronaut and his dog embark on one last adventure together through space. This is a story not about the end but about the journey one takes to get there.